What does fair housing have to do with fresh corn???

As a licensed Texas estate agent in McKinney, Texas I have an obligation to abide by federal and state laws that apply to fair housing. As a rule of thumb, in McKinney, Texas I make it a point to treat everyone equal and honestly. It is very important to abide by the law and to uphold the real estate professional code of conduct.

What are fair housing laws?

• There are federal fair housing laws

• Texas has its own fair housing laws

Online you can read more about federal fair housing laws. It is important to know what is prohibited and what type of real estate is covered under federal housing laws.  The state of Texas also has state fair housing laws.

Here is an acronym that I picked up along the way to help me remember the protected groups that are covered by the fair housing laws.

This is where “fresh corn” comes into play…. fresh corn

F Family status including children

R Race

E Ethnic background

S Sex

H Handicap

C Color

O Origin

R Religion

N Nationality